Vision of the Transformed In-House Recruiting Organization


Vision of the Transformed In-House Recruiting Organization

The Transformed In-House Recruitment Organization fully aligns with the business’s mission by delivering increasing levels of effectiveness, productivity, and service. Distinguishing characteristics include:

Constantly Valued      

  • Services always in-demand
  • Considered a trusted advisor
  • Bases success on client satisfaction
  • Partners in client strategic planning

Strategic and Proactive

  • Maintains talent pipelines
  • Supports workforce planning
  • Leverages talent market intelligence
  • Diversity and inclusion are core values
  • Manages and utilizes employment brand

Effectively Staffed

  • Roles configured and staffed to maximize productivity
  • Staff performs only high value and specialist work
  • Individuals use highly effective and efficient technique
  • Promotes continuous personnel development

  • Operates as a business unit
  • Process driven
  • Uses supply-chain like recruiting model
  • Manages all process participants


  • Promotes and rewards creativity
  • Advantageously leverages technologies
  • Constantly looks for means to drive ROI
  • Readily accommodates change

Whereas virtually all functional areas of corporations have experienced significant transformation since inception, recruiting has not. Management has yet to order the transformation of the recruiting function to more closely align with business objectives and to offer more strategic support to their organizations.

A recruiting group must go through a series of changes before it can become more solutions-centric than requisition-oriented. The resulting organization will exploit proactive opportunities, serve as a consultative partner for talent, and deliver value that meets or exceeds client expectation.

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