KGTiger's commitment to sustainability

At KGTiger we have adopted good ESG practices to drive our long term vision and core values.


Our journey to sustainability

KGTiger is one of the fastest-growing privately held companies in the US. While we are building global workforces for our clients, we ourselves are focused on creating an impact on the communities we operate and serve.


With sustainability at our core, we are building our culture, our growth, and our presence around it. Our purpose as an organization is to build economic prosperity and growth for our employees irrespective of their nationality, religion, sexual orientation, or color of their skin.


We are one of the few globally operating entities that have integrated sustainability into our daily business operations and work culture. We are committed to fighting the battle against climate change. We strongly believe that combating climate change is a moral imperative, an environmental emergency.


We have built a Sustainability Roadmap with a three-year, five-year, and a long-term plan. We will make a conscious effort to ensure the environment, social responsibility, and governance are at the core of our growth and development.

Sustainability in everything we do.

We are committed to continuously looking for opportunities to build resources, programs, and policies that will enhance our employees’ well-being. We consider social responsibility to be a core value of our business and we would like to contribute to the global community in ways that improve lives and enhance prosperity.

Our sustainability road map

2023 Goal2025 Goal
Reducing Emissions
Implementation of Remote workforce capability.Build work centers with modern renewable technologies.
Employee Wellbeing
Implemented employee engagement platform to recognize workforce and initiated various wellbeing programs to promote a healthy workplace.Introduce tools and programs that exceed world standards of employee wellbeing initiatives. Be a leader in providing a happy workplace.
Uplift Underserved Communities
Expanded into 25+ nascent economies.Continue employing more people from underserved communities.
Diverse Workforce
Achieved over 65% diversity within our employee base.Continue thriving for diversity goals.
Gender Equality
Leadership development programs for women. 50% of our midlevel management roles are to be filled by women.Continue building a non-bias culture.
Equal Pay
Normalize salaries across the globe irrespective of gender.Strive towards equality of pay.
End Childhood Hunger
Establish a nonprofit to work towards eliminating childhood hunger.Continue building strong future generations.

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