Seamless, effortless, accurate and on-time global payroll

One centralized solution that can handle your multi country, multi-currency payroll accurately and compliantly.


Multi country payroll processing for your employees across the globe

Simplify and seamlessly run your international payroll with 100% accuracy and on time. No need to rely on multiple payroll providers across different countries.

End to end process streamlined

We eliminate common errors and redundancies by streamlined processes. You can pay your employees and free lancers with 100% accuracy and on time.

No hidden fees

Full transparency in pricing. We already factor in the taxes, contributions etc. and make it easy for you to pay and stay compliant.

Payment methods

Currently we process all the payroll in all the countries through ACH or wire. New payment methods are coming soon.

Statutory benefits

From provident funds and pensions to social security, our team enrolls everyone in the necessary mandatory programs in the country they are based out of.

Customer experience

World-class customer experience and candidate concierge service hotlines are available for your employees for any kind of support.

Timesheets and expense management

One unified hub for all your timesheets, leave management and expenses management.

Reporting and metrics

Real-time reporting from both HR and Finance perspective to help you manage your global operations seamlessly.

Contracts and documentation

Generate contracts, payslips and related documentation from one unified platform.

Ready to expand your global footprint?

Confidently expand your business globally with expert insights into

local laws, regulations, and cultural nuances.

Effortless payroll for your global teams

With our multi-country unified payroll solution, you can automatically pay your teams from one centralized hub compliantly and risk free.


Pay multiple invoices at the same time


Multiple currency payouts


100% compliance to local labor and accounting laws


Easily track everything in one place

World class expertise in running global payroll

Turnkey operation

We can onboard your employees and contractors within hours.

Comprehensive calculations

All the necessary complex calculations are processed by our experts abiding to local tax laws and regulations.

Single invoice, multiple payments

Now you can process multiple country payroll, expenses, reimbursements, bonuses, and other payments in multiple currencies through a single invoice.

Unified Platform

One place for your entire repository of pay slips, leave requests, timesheets, expenses etc.

Employee module

A place to access their pay slips, contracts, upload and track expenses, bonuses and other benefits.

Customizable payments

Whether you prefer ACH or wire, we provide flexibility around payments and cater to your individual needs


How quickly can we get started?

It takes us less than 48 hours to get the payroll set up in our systems.

What is the cost associated with payroll?

Payroll typically starts at $20 per person and it can vary based on the volume. We provide tiered pricing for large volumes.

Can I onboard my existing employees?

Yes you can onboard your existing employees and we can pay them all from one central hub.

Can we buy benefits from you?

Yes, we partner with in country benefits providers to offer competitive pricing and customizable benefits.

What is the cost of benefits?

Cost of benefits vary from country to country but can typically start around $20 per person.

Will you manage expenses and bonus runs?

Yes we provide complete unified solution for expense management and bonus payments.