Onboard, manage and pay independent contractors easily

Enjoy efficient, quick onboarding, invoicing, and paying freelancers without issues of misclassification.

Global freelancers

Independent contractors and freelancers globally can be paid without any hassles, risks, or misclassifications

If you’re doubtful whether your next hire should be onboarded as a freelancer or as an employee, talk to one of our experts. Paying your independent contractors across multiple teams can be tedious. With us you can pay in multiple currencies through a single invoice.

How does it work?


Generate Instant Contracts


Invoices generated based on agreed terms


Payments made in multiple currencies


Expense tracking reimbursements

Ready to expand your global footprint?

Confidently expand your business globally with expert insights into

local laws, regulations, and cultural nuances.

Preferred choice for leading organizations globally


Round the Clock Support

We are a 24/7 production facility. Our teams are available to answer your questions during all time zones.


Our pricing models are transparent and are agreed upon on the day of inception. No hidden fees.

Turnkey operation

We can have you up and running within hours if you have identified your talent or within a few days if we must find talent for you.

Local Experts

Every country we operate in comes with experts specializing in local laws, regulations, accounting, payroll and talent acquisition.


How quickly can we get started?

Onboarding freelancers or independent contractors can be done within 48 hours.

What is the cost associated with paying a freelancer or an independent contractor?

It costs about $40/month/per freelancer. we do provide volume discounts and tiered pricing.

Do the independent contractors pay you a fee?

There is no cost to independent contractors or freelancers. We can enroll them in our systems and pay them directly.

What payment methods do you take?

We can process your invoices through bank transfers or credit card payments. Once we receive the payments freelancers are paid within 48 to 72 hours.

What about my existing Independent contractors?

You can transfer them all to us and we can seamlessly handle all your independent contractors from one hub.

Can we pay agencies and vendors through you?

Yes we can onboard your vendors and other agencies on our systems and pay them for a fee.