Offer equity plans your global talent loves

Offer ESOPs to your employees compliantly anywhere in the world.


Build and retain quality workforce by issuing stock options

Issuing ESOPs is a great way to take care of your much valuable workforce.
KGTiger makes it very easy for you.


Determine details around your ESOPS


Determine your vesting schedule


Issue contract


Onboard employee

ESOPS for your global employees

KGTiger makes issuing Global ESOPs a simple task.

Airtight contracts

Once you and your employee agree on the terms we will issue a contract that will reflect the terms.

Vesting period and terms

You will decide on the type of ESOP, vesting period, liquidity terms, exercise price, rules etc. and we make it happen.

A great solution to your talent problem

Giving a piece of ownership makes your employees wanted and respected. Build long lasting teams through KGTiger’ s ESOP solution.

Go from offer letter to issuing grants in minutes

Issue grants that are compliant with local laws and regulations.

Transparent pricing

Full visibility into pricing ahead of time and no hidden fees.

Fully compliant

100% compliant according to local laws and regulations.

Ready to issue awards to global talent?

With advice from world-class law firms around the world we help you offer compliant, locally tailored equity awards anywhere in the world.

Offer best compensation plans to your global teams

Advice from regional experts

Our local legal experts will address all your tax and legal obligations necessary to issue equity.

Compliant filing

Our local tax professionals will make sure all the supplemental reporting associated with issuing equity is taken care of compliantly.

Award types

We make it easy to issue a variety of award types like stock options, phantom units, and restricted stock units.

Payroll processing

Country specific equity related payroll processing is done seamlessly keeping in mind the local tax obligations.

Local registrations

We help employees register with local authorities their stock option plans.

Comprehensive reporting

We collect all the award data and report them to you through a unified platform.