Employer of Record

Build thriving global teams effortlessly

Hire, onboard, manage and pay employees anywhere without opening up entities

Global Employer Of Record

Expand your team beyond borders

Our Employer of Record (EOR) solution helps you hire compliantly without the hassle of setting up entities around the world. Our end to end solution will help you handle all your employment functions from one platform. Our expert teams in over 160 countries will make it easy for you to hire, onboard, manage and pay your employees. Let us take the tedious process of operating global entities off your hand so you can focus on your core business.

Why EOR with KGTiger?


Round the Clock Support

We are a 24/7 production facility. Our teams are available to answer your questions during all time zones.


Our pricing models are transparent and are agreed upon on the day of inception. No hidden fees.

Global Services and Immigration

With our consistent growth internationally , we are adding countries regularly. We currently operate in over 160 countries. In country legal teams specializing in immigration are available upon request.

Turnkey Operation

We can have you up and running within hours if you have identified your talent or within a few days if we must find talent for you.

Local Experts

Every country we operate in comes with experts specializing in local laws, regulations, accounting, payroll and talent acquisition.

Customizable Benefits

We offer customizable options so you can pick and choose what best suits your work culture.

Countries we currently serve

What is possible with KGTiger?

Global Compliance

Efficient & Compliant


Employ globally with confidence. KGTiger handles all aspects of your employment compliance, including taxes, social security, and insurance requirements. With in country teams that are experts in HR, Accounting and Legal we manage and take responsibility for your end-to-end processes.

  • Technologically enhanced onboarding and contract management
  • Background checks possibility
  • Full indemnification against worker misclassification

Engage KGTiger

Engage us to employ your talent or have us find right talent for you.

Offer Letters Deployed

Country specific legally compliant offer letters are extended.


Employment contracts signed and custom onboarding with custom benefit packages begin.

Statutory Setup

Government and country related regulations are set up.
Good to go

Good to Go

Your team is registered in our payroll system and ready to get paid.

Global Payroll

Global Payroll and Benefits


Use KGTiger to run payroll efficiently all over the world. Ability to pay over 100 countries in multiple currencies. Fully transparent fee structure. No additional charges and 100% on time payment.

  • Country specific customized benefits plans
  • Payment made to employees in their currencies
  • Ability to pay salaries in multiple currencies
  • Country specific statutory obligations managed

Global experience

Candidate Experience


A wonderful candidate experience with one point of contact handling all the employee-related activities.

  • Track and manage employee leaves and holidays
  • Easy access to insurance and benefits information
  • Expense reimbursements made easy
  • Manage bonus pays and allowances

Ready to expand your global footprint?

Confidently expand your business globally with expert insights into

local laws, regulations, and cultural nuances.


Global supply chain

Procurement and vendor management


On demand procurement team available to procure necessary IT assets, software and accessories. Send in your specific country related specifications and our team will get to work.

  • End to end logistics
  • Centralized vendor management
  • Single invoice billing

Global culture

Employee well-being and culture development

KGTiger can help you understand the country specific culture and build strategies to integrate teams from various countries to work in harmony.

  • Access to leadership and career coaches
  • Country specific culture refresher
  • Immersive experience


What is EOR and when would I use it?

A Global EOR enables you to build diverse teams globally without the complexities associated with opening and managing multiple global entities.

Most of the time you are operational within 48 hours of signing with us and would see a considerable amount of savings of about 60% when compared to establishing and operating an international entity. With this you will be tapping into high quality talent globally and expanding into international markets quickly. With fluctuations in economies and political markets it’s important for organizations to be agile and adapt to changing markets quickly. EOR enables you to do that.

If you have limited budgets and hiring top talent is crucial for your projects EOR is a right solution for you.

If your business plan does not include managing a huge headcount in one particular country, then we will be a great solution.

If you are a startup with a short runway to exit but have to scale and build global teams quickly EOR is the right solution for you

Can KGTiger help us find talent?

KGTiger is an end to end workforce management and payroll solution. From finding talent in over 160 countries to procurement , KGTiger can help you scale globally seamlessly.

How quickly can I onboard employees?

Onboarding employees using KGTiger happens within hours of signing the contract. Within 24 hours we can onboard your employees.

Which countries do you service?

KGTiger provides services in over 160 countries. With a hybrid model KGTiger owns many entities and also partners with local partners in some countries. We believe diversification is necessary for scale and can mitigate risks.

How much does employer of record cost?

We offer competitive pricing in various countries. We also provide volume discounts. With a tiered pricing model we help you achieve economies of scale.

Do you help us set up physical offices?

KGTiger partners with many local real-estate firms and works with them to find you a perfect physical office when you are ready.