Build your global excellence hub compliantly anywhere

Our expert team can find heat maps of talent around the world that can function as centre of excellences

Cutting edge solutions that help you build your core team anywhere

Sophisticated centre of excellences, which serve as advanced R&D hubs, are dedicated centers that harness the power of innovation and global talent to offer substantial value-added benefits. These centers consist of highly skilled professionals specializing in specific industries or fields. We conduct extensive research on talent availability, market conditions, and cost analysis, enabling us to rapidly and efficiently drive the growth of our clients. Our clientele spans various industries, including Enterprise Software, Systems Integration Services, Robotic Process Automation, Business Process Outsourcing, Life Sciences, Information Technology, Cybersecurity and Retail.

Get a global perspective on talent market

  • Insights into competitor market, and customer landscapes
  • Benchmarking and competitive studies
  • Talent analysis and heat maps
  • Build agile business models that keep up with market trends
  • Build diverse and inclusive teams
  • Leverage our local advisors to build best practices

Wherever your business is headed we make it easier for you to get there

Solutions we offer



KGTiger provides solutions for identifying and hiring global life sciences talent without the hassle of opening multiple entities.



With KGTiger- Tech, we can help you scale internationally and find the best tech talent. No more outsourcing or worrying about your IP.



With KGTiger’s scale as you grow SaaS solution, you can focus on growing while we focus on building your infrastructure.



KGTiger- BackOffice solution gets you up and running with your back office solution within 48 hours



KGTiger-Cyber helps you to build a globally distributed highest quality cyber security team.



A specially crafted solution for PE and VC backed portfolio companies.



Futuristic solution for building next generation green energy and EV companies.