A large technology company’s diversity goals


KGTiger’s contribution in achieving DEI goals



Prospective Employees




Diversity Goals Achieved


Market Strategy

The Challenge

A US based technology company was interested in improving the results of their diversity hiring. Their strategy team wanted to ascertain what their top ten competitors were doing to increase diversity in their companies. Additionally, they were looking for organizational mapping of these competitors for roles being staffed by diverse employees.

The Solution

The client engaged KGTiger’s Talent Market Research (TMR) to do a strategic diversity study. TMR defines, gathers, analyzes, and distributes information about competitors, talent source pools, and virtually any aspect of the talent market environment. This includes competitive intelligence, business intelligence and research that supports talent acquisition’s strategy and tactical decision making. This process starts with identifying and confirming the top ten competitors in the client’s market. The research team next gathered strategically pertinent information and insights regarding each of the ten competitors using many sources of intelligence. This includes competitive overviews from web sources to deep detailed intelligence collection including interviewing and surveys. The team further identified diverse talent using AI and human contact for a specific range of positions for each of the ten companies. Included was verified names, titles, and contact information of potential candidates that could be a great fit for the organization.

Value Proposition

  • Competitive pricing solution
  • Talent market strategy
  • Source pool intelligence
  • Competitive analysis

Case Study Analysis

KGTiger built talent market strategy and attraction messaging to attract diverse candidates to come join the client. KGTiger used various data sources including AI to identify heat maps of source pools that can potentially be targets for clients outreach. KGTiger successfully identified multiple ethnically diverse candidates to support the clients mission to increase their diverse employee base.

KGTiger Advantages

  1. Extensive experience in talent market research
  2. Talent strategy
  3. Cutting edge technology
  4. In depth analysis of market

The Ultimate Payoff

  • 150+ prospective employees identified
  • Messaging drafted to cater to these candidates
  • 100% diversity goals achieved
  • Compensation benchmarking done