From 0 to 800 in 11 months


KGTiger’s contribution towards a LifeSciences Tech firm’s growth plans



New Hires

> 1Million $

Savings per year


On-Time Payroll



The Challenge

PE backed E-Clinical trial solutions firm is looking to scale up and diversify. Life sciences talent is in very high demand and the market is very saturated. This made the domestic expansion option non viable. They needed to grow fast and need access to larger talent pools and also be mindful of the costs.

International expansion comes with many challenges. First they have to find talent, the have to open up an entity, have an in country operations team in place. All of this not only adds to the cost but completely deviates from their core business. Setting up and running payroll in a country is not an easy task. They needed an end to end solution that found talent for them, ran all their operations and also helped them within country procurement.

The Solution

KGTiger was able to provide an end to end solution. KGTiger came in with market intelligence studies that showed where the talent pools are and what countries would be best options for the client. KGTiger built talent pools of qualifiend,interested and affordable candidates across multiple countries.KGTiger provided Philippines, India, South Africa and Mexico as viable options.

Over the next 11 months KGTiger scaled the client across multiple countries and hired 800 employees. KGTiger onboarded them, managed them and ran their payroll.

Value Proposition

  • Competitive pricing solution
  • Global talent mapping
  • Global recruiting
  • No head aches of opening entities.
  • IT equipment procurement and tech support within the country

Case Study Analysis

KGTiger was presented with multiple challenges in this situation. Firstly the talent market is very tight and the demand for life sciences talent is very high. Secondly we had to move quickly as the client was experiencing extensive growth and in order to fulfill their contracts we had to scale very fast. Finding talent , interviewing them, extending offers and managing them had to be done very quickly. Luckily with KGTiger’s extensive experience in global talent acquisition and EOR we could help our client scale from 0 to 800 very quickly.

KGTiger Advantages

  1. Global talent provider: Having extensive knowledge and experience in global markets, KGTiger could quickly scale the client.
  2. Agile Team : Internally scaling up and down according to the clients needs.
  3. In country procurement: KGTiger was able to provide equipment required to do the necessary functions easily within the countries.
  4. One end to end provider. So no hassle of managing multiple vendors for multiple things.

The Ultimate Payoff

  • 1 Million Dollar savings annually.
  • Onboarded employees within 48 hours
  • Scaled to 800 employees in various countries within 11 months
  • 100% Ontime payroll
  • 100% compliance
  • Saved multiple manhours