Multi country expansion within months


A KGTiger’s finest APAC expansion story



New Hires

> 1Million

Savings per year

> 1000

Man hours Saved



The Challenge

A UK based multinational BPO was looking to expand further into Asia and wanted to reduce their overhead of managing resources in many countries. The Global need was to hire 600 employees in India and 500 employees in Philippines within a period of 3 months.

The Solution

KGTiger was able to provide an end to end solution. KGTiger came in with market intelligence studies that showed where the talent pools are located and what is the right strategy and means to attract these employees. KGTiger also provided benchmarking data to align the market rates with what the client was offering. Over the next 3months KGTiger scaled the client across India and Philippines. Their employee base grew by 600 people in India and 500 in the Philippines. KGTiger found the talent, onboarded them and managed their payroll.

Value Proposition

  • Competitive pricing solution
  • Global talent market research , intelligence and benchmarking
  • Global recruiting
  • 100% compliance
  • IT procurement and tech support within the country

Case Study Analysis

KGTiger was presented with multiple challenges in this situation. Scaling to 600 people in India that quickly is a huge challenge and requires extensive amount of strategy and recruiting support. Secondly we had to move quickly as the client was experiencing extensive growth and in order to fulfill their contracts . Scaling quickly was the highest priority. Finding talent , interviewing them, extending offers and managing them had to be done very quickly. Luckily with KGTiger’s extensive experience in global talent acquisition and EOR we could help our client scale by 600 people in India and 500 in Philippines within 3 months.

KGTiger Advantages

  1. Extensive experience in Global recruiting
  2. Round the clock production facility
  3. In country procurement: KGTiger was able to provide equipment required to do the necessary functions easily within the countries.
  4. One end to end provider. So no hassle of managing multiple vendors for multiple things.

The Ultimate Payoff

  • Over Million Dollar savings annually.
  • Onboarded employees within 48 hours
  • Saved over thousands of man hours
  • 100% Ontime payroll
  • 100% compliance
  • Scaled in two countries within months