Reduce agency spend


KGTiger’s contribution in reducing agency spending



Qualified Interested and Affordable candidates

> 2Million $



Vetted candidates


Market Intelligence

The Challenge

A US based healthcare company was interested in achieve a strategic initiative to reduce their annual spend on external search which exceeded $4M by 50%.

The Solution

The client engaged KGTiger’s recruiting experts in the USA, UK, and Asia, to partner with their company’s recruiters to support the roles that most typically go to search. KGTiger did extensive market research, identified talent pools and built talent pipelines of qualified, interested and affordable candidates that are prepped on the client’s value proposition and vetted thoroughly to fit the clients needs.

Value Proposition

  • Qualified Interested and affordable candidates
  • 100% vetted candidates
  • Source pool intelligence
  • Talent pipelines for future hiring needs

Case Study Analysis

KGTiger built talent market strategy and attraction messaging to attract candidates to come join the client. KGTiger used various data sources including AI to identify heat maps of source pools that can potentially be targets for clients outreach. KGTiger successfully identified multiple qualified, interested and affordable candidates that are completely vetted for the roles and are ready to take the relationship to the next level.

KGTiger Advantages

  1. QIAs (Qualified, Interested and Affordable) candidates
  2. Talent pools for future hiring needs
  3. 100% vetted candidates

The Ultimate Payoff

  • Reduced agency spending by 50% in the first year.
  • Over 200 qualified candidate pools
  • 100% vetted candidates
  • Market Intelligence