A retail giant’s journey to the other side of the world


KGTiger’s contribution in this prestigious brand’s growth



Employees Onboarded

> 1Million

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Talent Strategy

The Challenge

A US based multi billion dollar retail firm is looking to expand in to South East Asia. They have huge brand value in the US and EU and Asian markets are slowly picking up pace. They had to expand into Hong Kong, South Korea and Taiwan quickly within 6 months. They had to add a head count of 150 people.

The Solution

KGTiger built a talent strategy to scale in three countries at the time. Each country has its own challenges and language barriers. KGTiger with its tremendous experience in Asian markets could identify the right team to support the growth. KGTiger used multilingual recruiters to tackle the local markets and successfully scale the client.

Value Proposition

  • Competitive pricing solution
  • Global talent Strategy
  • Multilingual recruiters
  • 100% compliance
  • Onboarding within 48 hours
  • 100% payroll on time

Case Study Analysis

KGTiger had to find talent pools and attract them to join the client. KGTiger used multilingual recruiters with regional experience to help find the talent for the client. KGTiger successfully scaled in three countries to a total head count of 150. Offer letters were generated within 24 hours and onboarding took place in multiple countries within 48 hours. In country payroll in their currency was set up quickly and had successful payroll runs that are 100% on-time.

KGTiger Advantages

  1. Extensive experience in APAC markets
  2. Talent strategy
  3. Multi lingual recruiters with regional experience
  4. An end to end solution

The Ultimate Payoff

  • 150+ employees onboarded
  • Over million dollars savings per year
  • 100% Ontime payroll
  • 100% compliance