A CRO’s extensive growth across continents


A KGTiger’s moment of triumph



Employees Onboarded


Equipment Delivered


Man hours Saved


On-Time Payroll

The Challenge

A US based CRO is experiencing extensive growth during pandemic. They have more contracts to handle and not enough staff to keep up with the growth. They are in urgent need of scaling their work force finding alternative cost effective solutions and not necessarily open up entities and take over the hassle of managing the resources.

The Solution

KGTiger with its extensive experience in talent market intelligence and talent market research created heat maps of CRA and PM talent globally. Found out that South Africa , Poland and Romania were great alternatives. Over the next 6 months KGTiger scaled the client across South Africa, Poland and Romania. They scaled to over 50 people in South Africa, 100 in Poland and another 50 in Romania. KGTiger found the talent, onboarded them and managed their payroll.

Value Proposition

  • Competitive pricing solution
  • Global talent market research , market intelligence and heat maps
  • Global talent attraction strategy
  • 100% compliance
  • Onboarding within 48 hours.
  • 100% payroll on time.

Case Study Analysis

KGTiger had to find talent pools to support the client as the demand for this talent is extensive globally. KGTiger also had to build a talent attractions strategy to boost clients brand and value proposition. As the client is entering nascent markets with no prior brand reputation it was important for us to create a marketing strategy ahead of time to help the client scale. KGTiger used multiple sources across countries and successfully hired the necessary head count in all these countries within timelines.

KGTiger Advantages

  1. Extensive experience in Global recruiting
  2. Attraction marketing and Brand development
  3. Multi lingual global recruiters
  4. One end to end provider. So no hassle of managing multiple vendors for multiple things.

The Ultimate Payoff

  • 200+ employees onboarded
  • Saved over thousands of man hours
  • 100% Ontime payroll
  • 100% compliance
  • Scaled in three countries within months