Professional decision making support using AI and Human Intelligence.

KGTiger supplies valuable and actionable business intelligence to support talent acquisition decision making and recruiting processes. Customized projects deliver critical insights giving you the power to boost productivity, raise ROI, and increase your competitive advantage.

  • Uncover ways to improve outcomes
  • Support strategy development
  • Reduce risk with knowledge
  • Improve speed and quality
  • Save time for everyone
  • Reduce costs

Talent Market

KGTiger defines, gathers, analyzes, and distributes information about competitors, talent source pools, and virtually any aspect of the talent market environment. Encompassing both competitive intelligence and business intelligence, research supports effective talent acquisition strategic and tactical decision making.

  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Source Pool Intelligence


KGTiger Operations Based Research supports well-informed organizational decisions based on answering key questions with timely, accurate, and relevant information.

  • Best Practices
  • Custom requirements

Recruiting Support

Delivers vital information in support of an efficient requisition based recruiting process. Examples of some topics and issues researched include identifying prospective candidates, building ideal target lists of industries, companies, and titles, sourcing matching resumes, compiling candidate profiles, determining talent pool characteristics, and more.

  • Name Generation
  • Target companies, titles, etc.