Global Capacity Centers KG-BOTs

What is a KG-BOT and
who would need it?

A BOT is a Build, Operate and Transfer Model.
A KG-BOT is a BOT built by your trusted global partner KGTiger.

With our pay as your grow subscription model, we make it easy for you to build international teams with specific expertise without relying on outsourcing.

These packages vary in sizes and usually include a combination of sourcing, hiring, and engaging the best talent; customized workspaces with integrated IT; providing compliance, governance and operational support; and building integrated platforms and enterprise capabilities.

Why KG?
With a combined experience of over 100 years our Sr. Executive team comes with extensive knowledge in successfully establishing and managing world-class global BOTs.

Different Phases of a KG-BOT

As the name indicates it is the initial Build phase that includes identifying facilities, space, and team. At this stage, the we provide
competent staff, accommodation, and the required infrastructure.

This stage involves making sure the BOT is ready to fully function. This includes identifying management, HR, Accounting, Legal etc. and accounting.

At this stage we transfer to a fully operational center that is ready to be absorbed with no additional costs. This is where we significantly differ from others. From the beginning of the process, we consider the staff to be yours and do not add any additional costs when you are ready to take over. The IP is protected by us and is completely owned by you.

Advantages of a KG-BOT

 Access to large talent pools.
 Hiring international talent hassle free
 Brand Loyalty
 Cultural alignment
 Substantial cost savings
 Fully operational back up.
 No shared resources.
 Legally compliant.