Expand Domestically

Increase recruiting bandwidth, drive efficiencies, improve metrics

  • Contract Recruiters
  • Staff Augmentation
  • Candidate and Hires Services (offer click to menu for candidate or hires page
  • Talent Acquisition Process Support (click on link for adm pitch)  TAPS

Expand Internationally

Leverage our end-to-end service options virtually anywhere in the world.
Search | Hire | On-board | Pay | HR | Manage staff including procurement and logistics

  • International candidate and hire processes
  • International temporary staff augmentation
  • International Employer Of Record services (EOR)
    Service options include finding, qualifying, performing background checks, on-boarding, issuing payroll, administrating benefits, delivering HR services, and performing various administrative tasks.

    • Expand globally without the hassle of establishing a local business entity.
    • Fast onboarding in minutes.
    • Highly effective HR services tailored to your needs
    • Procurement and logistics support of your team
    • Onboard your employees or have KGTiger build and onboard a team for you

Expand Organizationally

Increase opportunities to resolve talent acquisition ongoing challenges, raise the level of their client’s satisfaction, and outperform their competition.

  • Talent Intelligence Services (INTELL PAGE)
  • Talent Acquisition Process Support (click on link for adm pitch) TAPS
  • Marketing Services
    • Employer Branding
    • Attraction Marketing
    • Digital Transformation