Everyone needs a strategy to grow globally but yours should be efficient, compliant and riskfree.

A complete strategy guide to
Efficient, Compliant and Secure
global payroll and employer of record.


Did you raise a funding round?

Are you experiencing growth and want to build an offshore team?

You do not know where to start?

This is the guide for you.

Everything you need to know about global hiring.

Everyone needs a strategy to grow globally but yours should be efficient, compliant and riskfree.

    Over the years, in our entrepreneurial journey and scaling our business in over 175 countries, we learned some key strategies that will help you grow globally and we decided to put together this free guide for you.

    If we have to paint a picture about the typical story of a company that would like to grow globally for you, it would look something like this:

    The Before

    • You will have your team start researching into opening an entity in an unknown territory.
    • You will spend a lot of money and time opening an entity.
    • You will hire a local HR team, recruiting team and operations team.
    • All of this will take you atleast 6 months or sometimes even more.
    • Then 1 year down the line your business changes its strategy and you will have to close this entity and look at a different option.
    • Alternatively you would outsource everything to a different firm and probably risk your IP and increase your costs significantly.

    The After

    • You will find a strategic partner that understands your goals
    • Employs your employees, onboards them, takes care of them and pays them in any country you need, without the need for you to open entities.
    • Keep your costs significantly low
    • Helps you scale strategically.

    What will you learn from this Strategic Guide?

    • You will understand your options when it comes to global hiring
    • You will learn how to select a strategic partner
    • You will understand what to expect from a strategic partner
    • You will understand the risks, compliance and legal nuances involved in global hiring
    • You will find an alternative solution to scale globally without breaking your bank.