• For us its more about hires than candidates
  • Wide range of Talent Acquisition support services
  • Great candidate and client experience
  • Faster to your goals while avoiding typical agency fees
  • Chameleon effect – Enhancing the client brand all the time
  • Integration of process, data, metrics, AI, and great people

KGTiger offers Talent Acquisition leaders exceptional opportunities to resolve ongoing challenges, raise the level of their client’s satisfaction, and outperform their competition.

KGTiger – Distinctively Different

KGTiger is a Trusted Partner. What does that mean to us?

“Trusted” means regarded as reliable and truthful
“Partner” means:

  • Shared mission and vision
  • Transparent and fully in communication
  • Flexible
  • Vested in each other’s interests
  • Living the value of its all about “Mutual Success”

What we do to earn the title of ‘TRUSTED PARTNER’:

  • Understand how the client does business
  • Be extra clear about what the client wants to achieve
  • Perform with excellence
  • Understand it’s a collaborative process
  • Have the client’s best interests in mind
  • Communicate in a timely fashion
  • Deliver what’s been agreed upon, on time
  • Be willing to be a resource
  • Be respectful and trustworthy


Unless otherwise specifically mentioned as a product, KGTiger delivers consulting services as a vital part of all our services.

  • Needs assessment and solution configurations
  • In partnership to conceptualize solutions (working through ideas)
  • Process management and realignment
  • Root cause analysis for ongoing challenges



When clients bring us candidate generation assignments where there is a repeated history of not achieving targeted hiring goals, we do a “root cause” analysis before accepting the assignment. This process is built on honest sharing of details, actions, metrics, and observations. This information is used to perform research and situational testing to determine why it hasn’t worked and what possibly can be done about it. Evaluation criteria utilized includes compensation, location, brand, messaging, targeting, spec reality, methodology, and expectations. Cause of these failures are not always due to lack of seeing very hirable candidates. Internal process issues are also reviewed.

Disrupting the Traditional Model with a new approach

The traditional model has been a standard in the industry for many years. Work with a recruiter who takes your hard to fill positions to their search team to find candidates. The model is based on expectation of a substantial fee for successful placement of a candidate.

KGTiger offers a novel approach to supporting your recruitment needs. We remove the incentive for raising the cost by delivering direct access to a search team. The power of production now belongs to the you, the client. What does this mean in simple terms?

  • Much more services for a lot less cost
  • More choice and control
  • ROI growth by owning the talent pipeline

Based on each client’s specific needs we configure a solution that assures positions are filled rapidly with the right talent. Each solution though is based on the novel approach thereby characterized by more service, less cost, more choice, more control, and all the candidates identified are delivered for your own talent pipeline.

RELATIONSHIP STRATEGYDriven by filling roles to earn fees making it a sales driven activity around delegated job orders.Modern ongoing partnership driven by time and client satisfaction.
SOURCING OF CANDIDATESIndependently identifies potential candidates and selectively presents their inventory based on which client is most advantageous to the agency.Long-term, on-going utility to source competitive talent. All suspects, prospects, and candidates are shared with the client.
CLIENT INTERACTIONOften arms-length and sometime very collaborative, but always constricted by the Agency’s requirement to earn a fee. Agency has to get something out of it.Fully collaborative as the partnership is driven to deliver value for the client all the time.
CANDIDATE SCREENINGResumes submitted that may or may not match the exact profile required; level of pre-screening varies by firm and project.Only fully vetted candidates are submitted; Submission includes profiles and completed survey forms assuring interest, qualification, and affordability.
COMPETITIVE INTELLIGENCERarely offered.As partners, research data and detailed information from every potential candidate discussion is documented and supplied.
LOYALTY AND CONTROLAgency recruiters represent multiple firms; priorities shift based on their immediate opportunities. Client controls prioritization of job orders but can’t control the agency’s process.Each KGTiger resource is dedicated to only one client. Its the client that determines resource assignments, priorities, and direction.
FLEXIBILITYAccommodating change requests are up to the agency.Client has maximum flexibility because it owns production.
CANDIDATES PRESENTEDAgency decides what candidates to present. Often limited by competing priorities of the Agency’s opportunities (meaning client may not see the best).Every candidate identified is shared with the client. This results in larger slates of qualified candidates to choose from. Also, having the client review all sourcing results, creates a means to further refine the candidate search as well as the expected outcome.
HIRESClient pays a fee per hire.Opportunity to drive incredible ROI as client may hire any number of identified candidates without incurring a fee.
COMMITMENT TO FILLLimited “hot” interest period where they abandon jobs where profitability is not apparent.Planning, metrics, consulting, and analysis assures effective partnering to complete the hires.