Payroll and Benefits Guide - Tunisia



Tunisian Dinar (TND)



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Fiscal Year

1 Jan – 31 Dec

Fun Facts

Tunisia is located in North Africa and is the smallest country in the Maghreb region.

Tunisia is known for its beautiful coastline along the Mediterranean Sea, with stunning beaches and resorts.

The Tunisian island of Djerba is believed to be the home of the mythical lotus-eaters mentioned in Homer’s “Odyssey.”

The traditional Tunisian music known as “Malouf” combines elements of Arab,

Tunis, the capital city of Tunisia, is nicknamed “The White City”

The traditional attire for Tunisian women is the “sefsari” a colorful draped garment.



Employee Payroll Tax

Contribution TypeRate
Social Security9.18%

Employer Payroll Tax

Contribution TypeRate
Social Security16.57%
Work Insurance0.5%
Housing Levy1.0%
Development Levy2.0% (1% for manufacturing industrial companies)


Payroll Cycle

Employees are paid either weekly or monthly no later than the end of the month.

13th Salary

Not required.

Work Hours and Week

A work week consists of 5 days and should not exceed 48 hours.


A workday should not exceed 10 hours per day or 60 hours per week.


Paid Time Off

Employees receive one vacation day per month. After one year of work, they will accumulate 12 vacation days.

Public Holidays

There are 15 public holidays.

Sick Days

For an employee to receive sickness benefits, they must have at least 50 days of covered employment in the last two quarters or 80 days in the last fourth quarters before sickness began.

Maternity Leave

Female employees receive 30 days of leave. In order to receive 66.7% of their daily earnings, the employee must have contributed to social insurance for at least 80 days in the four quarters leading up to the birth.

Paternity Leave

Fathers receive one day of paid leave within the first seven days following the birth of the child.

Parental Leave

A lump sum of the insured’s daily average quarterly earnings is given.

Other Leave

Work-related injury leave: There is no qualifying period, but the accident must be reported to the employer within 48 hours and be assessed.


Termination Process

For an employer to terminate an employer, they must present a significant and just cause. Before the dismissal, the employee has the right to appeal their case before a discipline council.

Notice Period

One month’s notice period should be given in writing.

Severance Pay

Employees are entitled to severance pay unless they have been terminated for misconduct. Payment is calculated as one day’s pay for each month of employment. The maximum amount of severance is three months’ pay.

Probation Period

Probation Period

Depending on the type of employment probation period ranges from 6 to 9 months.



A residence visa is required for all foreigners residing in Tunisia for more than 3 consecutive months or 6 non-consecutive months in one year.


The standard rate is 19%