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Fun Facts

Slovakia has numerous castles and chateaus, including Spiš Castle, Bojnice Castle, and Bratislava Castle.

The world’s oldest known statue of Venus, the Venus of Moravany, was found in Slovakia.

The national symbol of Slovakia is the double-cross, known as the Cross of Lorraine.

Ice hockey is a popular sport in Slovakia.

The official language of Slovakia is Slovak.

Slovakian inventor Ján Bahýľ patented the parachute in 1895.



Employee Payroll Tax

Contribution TypeRate
Sickness Insurance1.40%
Old Age Pension4.00%
Disability Insurance3.00%
Unemployment Insurance1.00%
Health Insurance4.00%

Employer Payroll Tax

Contribution TypeRate
Sickness Insurance1.40%
Old Age Pension14.00%
Disability Insurancee3.00%
Unemployment Insurance1.00%
Guarantee Insurance0.25%
Accident Insurance0.80%
Solidarity Reserve Fund4.75%
Health Insurance10.00%


Payroll Cycle

The payroll cycles are monthly.

13th Salary

There is no legal requirement for 13-month payments. Employers may issue bonuses at their discretion.

Work Hours and Week

A standard work week is 40 hours, at 8 hours per day.


All work over the standard working hours a week is to be paid as overtime and is regulated by employment contract/collective agreements.


Paid Time Off

Typically, the standard annual leave allowance is four weeks.

Public Holidays

Public holidays that fall on the weekend are usually lost.

Sick Days

Employees have a sick leave entitlement of ten days, during which they receive paid leave.

Maternity Leave

Female employees have the right to 34 weeks of paid maternity leave. In the case of multiple births, the entitlement increases to 43 weeks, while single mothers are entitled to 37 weeks of paid maternity leave.

Typically, maternity leave begins between six and eight weeks before the expected delivery date, and the duration of leave cannot be less than 14 weeks as mandated by law.

During maternity leave, the Social Security agency provides compensation at a rate of 75.00% of the employee’s daily salary.

Paternity Leave

If a mother is not receiving maternity or parental benefits, the child’s father may take leave beginning when the child is six weeks old for 28 weeks.

Parental Leave

Parents or guardians have the option to request parental leave until their child reaches three years of age.


Termination Process

The termination process is determined by the specific provisions outlined in the Employment Agreement or Collective Agreement, taking into account the type of contract and the reason for termination.

Notice Period

All employees must be given at least one months’ notice.

Severance Pay

An employee’s length of service and the reason and type of termination determines the severance pay rate.If an employee is terminated with notice, a minimum of four times the employee’s average monthly earnings is to be paid.

Probation Period

Probation Period

Probation periods may vary depending on the employment contract in place. A probation period is limited to three months for operational roles or six months for managerial positions.


Slovakia offers various options for employers who wish to hire foreign nationals through its immigration system.

As a member of the European Union (EU) and the Schengen Area, Slovakia follows certain requirements and regulations.

The specific criteria, processing times, employment eligibility, and benefits for accompanying family members may vary depending on the type of permit sought.

Visa requirements, regulations, and exemptions can differ based on individual circumstances, including nationality and purpose of travel.

For Work Permits

EU Intra-Company Transferee Permit

Single Permit for Local Hires

EU Blue Card


The standard VAT rate is 20%.