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1 Jan- 31 Dec

Fun Facts

Belarus is often called the “Lungs of Europe” because it has a vast amount of forested land, covering approximately 40% of its territory.

Belarusian cuisine features hearty dishes, often centered around potatoes

Belarus is home to Europe’s largest Bison population in the wild.

Belarus is a landlocked country located in Eastern Europe.

Belarus has a strong tradition of folk art and crafts.

The official languages of Belarus are Belarusian and Russian.



Employee Payroll Tax

Pension Fund1.00%

Employer Payroll Tax

Health Insurance6.00%
Obligatory insurance0.10% to 1.00%


Payroll Cycle

Monthly salary payments are made, usually at the start of the following month.

13th Salary

Although not required by law, bonuses and 13th-month salary payments are customary. If applicable, the employee’s collective bargaining agreement or employment contract would include a 13th-month salary.

Work Hours and Week

In Belarus, the legal maximum daily work schedule is 12 hours, including overtime, or 40 hours per week, or 8 hours per day.


The maximum workday is twelve hours. Overtime is not acceptable if it exceeds 10 hours per week or 180 hours per year. It is paid at a rate of 200% of the regular wage.


Paid Time Off

Once they have worked for the company for at least six months, workers are entitled to a minimum of 24 paid vacation days. Vacations may be divided into two parts, with the first part lasting no less than 14 days.

Public Holidays

Weekend public holidays are not observed.

Sick Days

During the first 12 days of their illness, employees are entitled to 80% of their average daily wage, and for the following up to 30 days at 70%.

Maternity Leave

Three years of unpaid leave and 126 days of paid leave for new mothers (140 days if there are medical complications or multiple births).

Paternity Leave

In the first six months after a child is born, fathers are entitled to up to 14 days of paternity leave.


Termination Process

The following situations allow for the termination of an employment contract:

  • Agreement by both parties
  • If the contract’s term expires except when neither of the parties wants the employment relations terminated
  • If initiated by any party (the employer or employee)
  • If the employee agrees to be transferred to an elective position
  • If the employee disagrees with moving to another location to follow the employer, if the employee disagrees with new labor conditions, a new owner, or re-organization of the company

Notice Period

A company requires a minimum of one month’s notice before a departure.

Severance Pay

Although the amount of any severance pay is specified in the employment contract, employers are typically required to pay at least two weeks of the employee’s average salary.

Probation Period

Probation Period

In Belarus, the probationary period may last up to three months.



Foreign nationals may enter Belarus after securing the necessary visas. The following categories of visas are available:

  • Type B visa for transit
  • Type C visa for short-term visits up to 90 days (these visas cover short stays for business meetings, conferences, training, and more in Belarus)
  • Type D visa for long-term stays (employees who plan to remain in Belarus for employment on a long-term basis will need to obtain a Type D visa)


20% is Belarus’ standard VAT rate.