Talent Acquisition & Recruitment Strategies

KGTiger partners with each client* to deliver
creative solutions to their strategic challenges.


  1. Out-of-the-box thinker
  2. Agency resistent
  3. Purpose driven
  4. Takes long-view

What we do







Cut dependence on agencies/search
Build and manage a talent pipeline
Increase TA's client satisfaction
Scale to meet seasonal needs
Drive recruiter productivity
International expansion
Build executive team
Support growth

Fill most challenging roles in-house
Strategic support/Fix processes
Reduce CPH and improve QoH
Raise talent brand awareness
Improve quality and choice
Achieve diversity goals
Add bandwidth
Control costs
and more...

Project examples


Volume hiring

  • Large retailing company requested help in identifying warehouse/retail associates in certain geographies where they were having difficulty staffing open positions due to their pay rates being highly uncompetitive. KGTiger promoted the benefits and quality of life that candidates would have with the company and how longevity and company culture are also very important. As an on-going project, KGTiger fills an average of 150 roles per month domestically and is currently expanding internationally.

Branding in a foreign country

  • Client is an American Clinical Research company. They needed to establish their presence in the Shenzhen region of China by hiring 40 clinical associates in a 3-month period. Using a combination of AI and out-of-the box methods, results were successful. KGTiger continues supporting this client in China and as well as additional locations internationally.

Confidential relocation

  • Client wanted to move their R&D team from Charlotte, NC to Utah but could not let the employees know for strategic reasons. KGTiger successfully completed confidential searches for 27 of top-level executives and successfully established a R&D team in Utah.

Southeast Asian expansion

  • US company looking to establish their retail presence in Hong Kong, Korea and Taiwan engage KGTiger. Project proved successfully as the initial 45 positions, covering a wide range of experience, from Store Operators to Directors, were filled in a timely and effective manner.

Establish operations in 3 countries

  • Multinational healthcare company engaged KGTiger to establish their data consulting business in Poland, Mexico and Portugal. Successfully completed the required 20 hires among the three nations in a 3-month period.

Diversity study

  • Major technology company engaged KGTiger to do a strategic diversity study. Specifically, they wanted to know what their top 10 competitors were doing to increase diversity in their companies. Additionally, they requested organizational mapping of these competitors for roles being staffed by diverse employees. In a time and value driven manner, the client received a complete and exhaustive study that included desired details as well as graphical diversity talent heat maps.

Women in technology study

  • Client wanted to increase the number of women being considered for technology roles they have across their organization. KGTiger now regularly feeds qualified, interested, and affordable female talent as candidates for open positions covering various technologies including Azure, Dynamic 365, XCHANGE 365 and .NET.

Reduce agency use

  • International healthcare company set a strategic initiative to reduce their annual spend on external search which was exceeding $4M. The company engaged KGTiger to employ remote sourcing teams in the USA, UK, and Asia, to partner with their company’s recruiters to support the roles that most typically go to search. The result of this on-going implementation is a significant reduction of search spend, richer slates of candidates, and a sharp improvement in the time-to-hire.

Talent Market Research

  • Multinational specialty manufacturing company wanted to open a new manufacturing plant in the USA but was challenged with the belief that there wasn’t enough engineering talent for their specialty available. They engaged KGTiger to perform a world-wide research project to study the talent market for their specialty. The result of the research proved that there was ample talent available in the USA, therefore off-setting the need to build the plant off-shore (China or Taiwan).
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