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Make Your Corporate Recruiting Department Self-Sufficient

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I ran across an interesting article on the Harvard Business Review blogs, “Is HR Too Important to Be Left to HR?” It raises an interesting question, and one I’ve bumped into every now and then over the past three decades. Often, the HR department is perceived as weak or ineffective and discussion ensues over where the function should report – to the COO or CFO, for example. This has implications for the corporate recruiting team, of course, which tends to be located in the HR department.

So, how can a corporate recruiting team keep from being bolted onto a business unit that doesn’t understand it?

The key is to make your department as self-sufficient as possible – this will give your team the elbow room it needs and also show how the HR department as a whole can manage itself effectively.

To attain self-sufficiency, three factors are crucial: detailed market knowledge, operational efficiency, and broad reach. Work with KGTiger’s integrated suite of solutions and you’ll have the resources at your disposal to address these issues directly.

Using our TMR solution, your team will gain access to timely, carefully developed and focused talent market research reports that can help you understand the challenges and opportunities in your target markets more fully. With our BYTE solution, you can streamline your recruiting operation by taking the administrative aspects of the job and outsourcing them to a low-cost environment that will allow your team to focus on the aspects of recruiting that truly engage their skills and experience. And, our STREAM solution delivers rich talent pools that cut your time to source and provide access to higher-quality candidates.

If your department can stand on its own, you’ll have the space you need to succeed. Partner with KGTiger, and your team will be able to develop, execute and measure the results of your corporate recruiting strategy. Get started now, and you’ll never have to worry about corporate recruiting being left to you!

[via Harvard Business Review]

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