Optimizing TA

Week in Review

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Three Metrics that Matter: Measuring a Corporate Recruiter’s Success: For a corporate recruiter, the world is governed by performance metrics – even if you aren’t watching them. Hiring managers and company executives think in terms of whether their needs are filled, and these sentiments often come in the form of numbers: how long it took to fill an...

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Are You Ready to Deal with Today’s Candidate Queries?

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Thanks to all the job boards and other search channels now available, candidates are casting wider nets than ever before. They are pushing cover letters and resumes at an incredible rate, often applying for dozens of positions a day or more. In the process, they are making mistakes … annoying mistakes. Spelling and grammar have become casualties, and it seems...

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Four Ways to Make Recruiting Administration Easier

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If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a hundred times – You need another report? When? Admit it: the administrative side of corporate recruiting chews up your time and dilutes your effectiveness. Since close to 70 percent of your time is spent on tasks and not directly related to cultivating and securing talent, you’re clearly leaving...

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