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Are You Aiming for a Mediocre Workforce?

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Candidates have more on their minds than compensation: they want to know they’re making the right decisions. Among the many factors they consider when receiving an offer letter is how much they will enjoy working for your company. What is a prospective employee going to look for? There are many warning signs that a new job may not be all it seems.

A savvy candidate will ask questions beyond specific responsibilities and compensation. Expect top players in your industry, especially, to ask about performance levels and the strengths of peers, subordinates and even supervisors. Among the most important issues are:

  • Whether employees are trusted to act independently (if the job would normally call for such autonomy)
  • The frequent use of positive reinforcement, rather than merely dwelling on missteps
  • The presence of other top talent – high performers want to be among high performers
  • Whether there is room for new ideas, or even “intrapreneurship”

So, what can a corporate recruiter do?

Start by preparing your hiring managers. Discuss these issues, and identify any weak points in your organization. For any areas where your company falls short, discuss the remediation steps that you are either planning or have implemented, so you can be open with your candidates.

Further, take a closer look at your candidates to understand the environments from which they are coming. With KGTiger’s BYTE service, you’ll get a fuller view of your candidates – and a better understanding of what motivates them. Using this information, you can identify and prepare for any gaps between his or her past and your combined future together.

Don’t stop at comp! Be ready to show that a top candidate isn’t an anomaly … and that your company is committed to excellence.

[Source: BusinessWeek]

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